1. A Far Hills Kitchen Renovation

    2014-09-26 14:26:17 UTC
    Here are the ‘before’ photos of a home that I worked on in Far Hills. The kitchen was dated and the working area was small for the family that had bought the house. There was a large brick faux fireplace that must have been in the original plan of the…

  2. The history of the project Helm

    2014-09-15 12:49:36 UTC
    My brother, sister in-law, and their grown children were looking for a second home at the shore. It was a difficult search as this was before Hurricane Sandy and there wasn’t much selection in the market. What was on the market needed extensive remodeling as most of the houses that…

  3. Just the beginning

    2014-09-01 12:36:44 UTC
    Hello Everyone! I have been wanting to create a website and have my work available to view for a long time. There are so many stories that go into each of the projects that you see on the site. This is the perfect format to tell those stories and to…

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